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Hacked email


I have an old virginmedia email address. I'm no longer a Virgin customer so am unable to login to the virgin email account to change my details as it doesn’t recognise my username. 

I believe that the email address has been hacked as someone is trying to use the credentials to reset my passwords on Paypal and etc. as the account is still logged on on my iPad so that I could monitor the messages that I receive.

I'd like to shut down the email account all together please resolve the problem as I feel my personal details are at risk and I no longer user the email address. I have attempted to resolve this issue numerous times over the phone with Virgin’s customer services and technical team with the line suddenly being cut off for some reason or being passed around from department to department. I have even attempted speaking with someone on the live chat and that was also terminated before the issue was resolved.

I have seen that this issue has been resolved on here for other people. Please could someone help me?

Many thanks 

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Re: Hacked email

Good morning!

I'm sorry that you are having problems.  You have diagnosed correctly - the only permanent solution available to you is for VM IT staff to delete the account from their system.  This should have happened 90 days after you left the broadband service, but these accounts often linger for years.  Unfortunately, you will lose access to the address and all emails and contacts within it.

If you wait, a Forum Team member (VM employee) will contact you via this thread and get your personal detail in a PM (private message).  They can refer this to the correct department.

Before they do that - have you tried the Forgotten password link?  You may be able to re-gain control if that is working for your account.  You will need to recall the answer to the security question(s) - try using all capitals as that sometimes does the trick.

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Re: Hacked email

Hi Riggersriggers.


Thanks for your post and welcome to the community.


I'm really sorry to hear of what's happened but I am going to help with this.


Will pop you a quick PM so I can get some further details,

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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