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Hacked Blueyonder

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My Blueyonder email account (which I have had from the beginning) has been hacked and I cannot get any assistance from either Virgin Media (my former provider) or Blueyonder. I can’t login to either site as it says I am not recognized, so I can only assume the hacker has changed my details. Is there anything I can do to reset my password or have I lost this account for ever?

Many thanks.


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

HI MickeyMo1, 


Thank you for your post and welcome to the forums. 


Sorry to hear about the situation you are in here with your email account. Just to check with you - is your email address attached to an active Virgin Media account? As this could be the reason why if it is not - as email accounts are deleted up to 90 days from when an account is cancelled. There are times when email addresses go on for much longer and escape the net - but when the system identifies this it would automatically delete it. Let me know if not and I will be more than happy to take a look for you. 




Hi Ryan, thank you for your message. I am no longer with Virgin Media, but I wasn’t aware that blueyonder accounts would be deleted and thus no longer supported by VM. I think this is appalling, given the fact that I have had that account for about 25 years. This is a harsh lesson to learn and I am concerned that if recovered action is taken, then the hacker may be waiting for an opportunity to inflict even more damage. I think I will have to take this on the chin and just delete the account and go with a new one with better security and support. 
Kind regards. 

I'm sorry to hear you feel this way @MickeyMo1 

As we only provide the free email service for our existing broadband customers, if you are no longer a customer, then this is a service we would not be able to recover or offer to you and should have been closed down within 90 days after your Virgin Media broadband services had disconnected, but you continued to have free access to this service until now when it was identified it was an email account with an active service ( an orphaned account).


This is detailed within the Terms & Conditions (specifically section D, paragraph 6), which reads "If this agreement ends, your right to use that email address will also end and you will no longer be able to use the email address, so please make sure you have an alternative email address and let your contacts know of the change, as we cannot do this for you."


We also detail this in the Acceptable Use Policy (section 6.5 under Email use), which reads "It is your responsibility to back up the contents of your Virgin Media email account. Upon suspension or termination of services the content may be removed and permanently deleted by Virgin Media without notice."

Along with all of this, it's also explained on the Cancelling my Virgin Media contract help page, with the section in point 3 being called You'll lose access to your Virgin Media Mail service.

Here to help 🙂
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Hi Carley,

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately whilst acknowledging that this may well have been in documentation, there is no guarantee that this was received, read and understood by myself. I simply wasn’t aware of this because if I was, I would have changed email accounts. As it stands, I have spent over two days trying to secure services connected to the blueyonder account (hardly sleeping) and face a lengthy and laborious task of doing more of the same. I guess 25 years of being a loyal customer counts for nothing these days? 

kind regards. 

I am sorry to hear you feel this way @MickeyMo1 and can only apologies if you had not seen or understood this information. 

We always take on board the feedback given so we can learn more about the areas we need to improve. We will certainly pass this information along to the relevant teams.

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent