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Joining in

My main use Email has been hacked. They got in during the early hours of this morning and changed my password so that i can no longer access it..........

This is after they managed to get my Facebook account. this blueyonder email is my spare one for secure stuff, but my main one [MOD EDIT: Personal info removed] is the one that most of my mail and registered programs use.  HELP? please


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  • I'd remove your email address from your public post

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @DeneBW thanks for your post although we're sorry to hear of the concerns you've raised here regarding your email.

Can you please try to follow the steps as advised here as this should be able to help here?

If you need any further help following this, please let us know so we can advise.

Many thanks


Joining in

The good news is that there is a lovely lady who answered the phone was able to get me back up and on-line with a few key strokes. They confirmed that my account had been locked down as soon as i notified them, they asked me to wait 4 hours then i was to log in as per the way they instructed, and as promissed i was in, sorted out a new password and bingo....... Thanks to the IT team.

Thanks for your update @DeneBW, and excellent news to hear that this has now been restored for you.

Do feel free to come back to us if you require any further assistance on this matter.

Kindest regards,