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Facebook Email Notifications

Tuning in

Suddenly in the last few days I am no longer receiving Facebook email notifications on my BlueYonder account via Virgin Media. Can anybody advise howto get these back?? I have checked on Facebook and my details haven't changed....


Hi Alex


Yes, I have no problem sending and receiving messages on my BlueYonder account, in fact I've just received your message there, it's only the Facebook notifications that no longer arrive there... 

Hey murkin, thank you for confirming this.

This is a good sign, if it just Facebook notifications you are not getting do you have these turned off by chance?

I would check your Facebook privacy settings to see if you have this option turned off. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?



I can't see any problem here, is there a specific place I should be looking?

As I've previously said, I used to have no problem receiving these emails, they just suddenly stopped a week ago without me having changed anything as far as I know....

Hi @murkin 


Have you been able to check the setting within your Facebook profile and then notifications, here you can see if the notifications alert is still activated. 


Thank you.

Hi Ashleigh


Yes, I've checked there, everything is in order.... as I said before, I've changed nothing, I just suddenly stopped getting those emails....



Hi murkin

Thanks for coming back to us. Are you able to try an alternative email address to see if this works/receives notifications. This will tell us if it's a Facebook setting or a Virgin Media email issue.

Best wishes,

Forum Team

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Yes, I've temporarily changed my primary email address; I'll let you know what happens! 

Hi John

Yes, I temporarily changed my prime address to my hotmail account and yes, notifications were received there! So the problem appears to be with just the BlueYonder address.... How can I remedy that? 


Hi murkin, 

Thanks for coming back to us on this one and for confirming that the notifications are being received. 

The only thing we can do now then is raise this to our postmaster teams however we would need the header information from the failed email to be able to do this. You would need to get this from Facebook. 

Once you have this, let us know and we'll be able to help further. 

Many thanks, 

Forum Team

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Hi Kath

Well, it's impossible to talk to anyone in Facebook; I've tried time after time but never get a reply.

Is there any way of finding the header information, whatever that is, without Facebook? - maybe on one of the emails that came through on the Virgin mail site when everything was working ok?