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F010762348 - still unable to access email since this 'outage'

Tuning in


Just need help as unable to access my webmail for my account since this 'outage' started around 19/6/22. Funnily I was still receiving email on my iPhone for the same account.

Attempted reset of password under account profile a few times when I did have access to My Virgin Media account using my email attached to the account. Side note, I do have Virgin broadband and it was associated to my email but have had email since it was first available. Password resets failed to correct access to my email as had done on previous 'upgrade' activity.

Received some of the emails from Alex Wehrle on 23/6, 28/6, 2/7 and 6/7 indicating that email would be restored by Monday 17 July at the latest.

Unfortunately for me, I lost email on my iPhone after the 17/7 and think it was around the 19th July and also access to My Virgin Media account and profile.

I had tried to raise this on forum with Moderators and members to no avail as got no response. I raised this over telephone to Technical support via 2 tickets for which I only have the 1st ref. P012031690. Each time I was told I would be contacted by Technical support but this did not happen. 

Last 2 days, I contacted Technical support via telephone and was told it would be escalated as there was another issue which they were aware of that was affecting customers like me and said that this was to be resolved today, 26/7. On yesterday's call, was left high and dry on call to dead air and today was informed by the FMS Technical Support team that it was to be fixed by 6:00pm and to phone again if not. I was also informed that I appear to have 2 accounts, my previous account with which I have been with Virginmedia (and it's former companies that it took over, NT:L and C&W) which was associated with my account and a new account which I was not aware of and did not have an email account and surmised that this was possibly the issue and that account cannot be associated with it as it is not recognised as a legitimate email address.

So can someone help get my email restored and likewise restore access to My VIrgin Media account?

Unfortunately I do not remember what my VirginMedia account no. was as it was always available in my email which I can no longer access. I may have some paperwork somewhere but hopefully it's not necessary.




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @DN1 👋.

Thanks for reaching back out to us and apologies you are still having issues with your emails. I would like to bring you into a private message so that we can look further into this for you. 

Please look out for the envelope on the top right of your web browser or if you are using a mobile device it will be located under your profile icon.



Thanks for that last lot of info. Please could you register for a Virgin Media account on our website, it will ask for your account number and area ref along with a pin number from a Mobile account and it will merge the two together and should allow you to access the emails accordingly.

Let me know how you get on.


Tuning in

Issue has been resolved. Managed to reset password and was able to access My VirginMedia account and webmail.

Not sure what was done to resolve this but have access now. Thanks