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Joining in

This issue isn't fixed for me. It is really annoying being told that there is something wrong with my mail settings when there isn't.


I am trying to communicate but any time I phone Virgin I am eventaully told there is nothing wrong.


I am getting too old for this at 77.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@mhhm wrote:

This issue isn't fixed for me. It is really annoying being told that there is something wrong with my mail settings when there isn't

That ticket seemed to cover a number of different issues such as delays in loading certain aspects of webmail, sending and receiving emails, time outs and various errors messages  that all started to surface towards the end of last year. 

It is possible that what you are experiencing are a subset of those issues and equally  possible that they are being caused by a different problem than the one resolved by F010322217.

You don't seem to have posted previously about  your specific email problems so I would respectfully suggest it would be useful if you could post exactly what errors you are getting and whether they relate to the VM webmail service, a third part email app or both,

That way everyone can concentrate on resolving your issue rather than having to trawl back through old posts to get a feel for what's going wrong.

Armed with some definite information from you forum members may well be able to offer some constructive advice and if VM staff on the forum have to get involved they will have some good evidence to work with and take up with the relevant technical team.


I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge, I don't work for Virgin Media.

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @mhhm 👋

Welcome back to our Community Forums and thanks for your post. 

I am sorry you're experience some issues with your mail settings. 

Would you mind expanding on what problems you are currently having so I can best assist?

I hope to hear from you soon 😊

Forum Team

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Thanks for contacting me. I thought that my comment was rather simple but obviously not. My issue is intermittent and always resolves itself without me apparently doing anything which makes me believe that there is some kind of intermittent software fault with the virgin email system.

Sometimes when I try to get or send mail using my Macbook air or iPhone I get a message that suggests that I need to check my email address and password. Trying to repeat the process results in the same thing happening. If I leave the computer or phone for a while the email eventually works with out me having done anything.

This kind of thing has been happening on and off within the past few months although I have had a clear couple of weeks recently without issues. I have been with Virgin and its predecessor NTL since at least 2003 and rarely had any such email problems before.


Thank you for expanding on the issues you are experiencing @mhhm and we are so sorry to hear that this has been an ongoing issue. 


Can I ask how things are looking with the email since your last post? Are you still unable to send or receive emails? 

Thankfully all has been OK for the last few weeks.  So I have nothing to report now.

Perhaps it is worth saying that Virgin is not good at alerting me to technical problems. Frequently when I have an issue and use the online checking system I am informed that all is OK. However when I try to get an actual person I am told that there is an issue. A couple of months ago the telephone stopped working properly. I was able to phone out but no one was able to phone in. The only way I knew was when my daughter said that she was unable to contact us. I checked the online help and was told all was working. When I got through to a real person I was told that the system was down and would not be working again for a couple of weeks. I tried to get an engineer out to have a look and when one came he informed me that the problem was a "network" issue and he couldn't help. However he was able to get me operational again by connecting the phone to my broadband router and since then the phone has been OK.


Hi @mhhm 

Thanks for the update, great to hear that everything is working for you. I'm really sorry to hear that recently our standards have slipped when it's come to receiving support. This is not something we like to hear. We pride ourselves on offering the best support possible so it disappoints us when this isn't given. 

Should you ever need to check the service status again in future, be sure the select  'still having issues?' on the service status page and run through the checks for more tailored support on your service. You can also call our status line on 0800 561 0061 or check your My Virgin Media for more information if needed. 

We always take on board the feedback we receive so we can collect the information and use it to learn more about the areas we need to improve. We will certainly pass this information along to the relevant teams.

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent