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Excessive spam

Just recently I've had my SPAM folder filling up rapidly with subjects such as "Member, just for you" and "Member, your email has been chosen" etc supposedly from the likes of Asda, M&S, Tesco, Netflix etc. Obviously they are all junk, and fair play, they are dealt with appropriately. Thing is, until recently, I'd been getting 2 or 3 junk mails a week, but now my junk folder is getting 10 or 15 a day, all with similar themes. Why is this? Has my email been hacked? Have my details been sold on the 3rd parties?

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Re: Excessive spam

Your not alone in this, I've been getting a ton of chunk from bit coin traders...I wonder if VM has been hacked and that's why the email system has been shut down?

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Re: Excessive spam

@Andyalfa wrote:

Has my email been hacked? Have my details been sold on the 3rd parties?

Check whether your email address has been part of a data breach or whether it has appeared for sale on the dark web by entering it here 

Spammers gather email addresses from many sources. One popular method (with spammers) is by getting malware on to devices which then harvests all the email addresses that it can find. It does not have to be on your device either. One of your email contacts could unknowingly have had their device infected and your address has been picked up from their address/contact list.

The fact you are seeing spam on similar themes suggests it is all from the same source, Unfortunately, once a spammer gets a new address they go in with all guns blazing. My experience is that if you don't reply or click on scam "unsubscribe" links it does eventually die down.

I'm glad the spam emails are all going to your spam folder. Best not to stress over them, email and spam go hand in hand I'm afraid.

BTW VM have not closed down their email service but they are having lots of problems with it to say the least.



I am just another Virgin Media customer.
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