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Joining in

As a loyal customer of 22 years, I called VM to see if I could have some compensation for loss of email service which lasted 4 or 5 days. The person on the other end of the call was very polite and sympathetic ,but informed me that this loss of service was not covered by their scheme. I did point out that I paid a great deal of money for my services and that to be without emails for that length of time was  a big inconvenience. I'm sure that other customers have had worst experiences than myself , but the VM employee suggested I put a post on this site . The internet is a wonderful thing, but some service providers are not keeping up their side of the deal . 


On our wavelength

I think there is some sort of investigation that has been started about the lack of resolution by VM.  It would be good if VM just admitted that they haven't fixed all the problems and that they DON'T respond to everyone who posts/calls about them.