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Joining in


Emails to my address are being blocked from this domain.

I have received email from this site for years until this week.

Can this been unblocked?




Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@Farrelly wrote:

Emails to my address are being blocked from this domain.

If the emails are being blocked by Virgin Media is it possible you could post the bounce message that Markee Dragon are getting back from VM when they try to send you an email? (Remove or obscure your email address from the message before posting it)

Experience when other cases such as this have been raised on the forum suggests that, without some evidence in the form of a bounce message or details from Markee Dragon's outgoing email logs, it is very difficult to determine why emails from a particular organisation or email service are not getting through to a VM email account.

Resolving these issues is not as simple as VM  whitelisting the domain name because a blacklisted domain name may not be the reason the emails are failing to arrive,

On the other hand if there is no evidence from Markee Dragon that VM are actively blocking their emails it would be worth checking the Filter Rules and Blocklist in your VM webmail account. There have been several cases where genuine emails have been caught by a rogue or misbehaving filter rule.

Sign in to your webmail account from here  

Click on the cog symbol  coenoby_0-1658499263858.jpeg (top right), then "Email" (on the left)  and see if there are any filter rules set up. If there are some it is best to disable them for the time being and see if any new emails from Markee Dragon come through ok in the future.

Post back with how that all goes.


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