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Emails disappearing

Emails randomly disappear from my inbox.  One moment they are there and then they disappear and cannot be found anywhere.  I have seen that this is quite a common problem and have done everything suggested such as check auto forward etc but cannot stop this or retrieve lost emails.  Has anyone come up with a solution of how to stop this and retrieve those emails?  Or do I need to change from blueyonder after about 15 years?? 


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Re: Emails disappearing

Some possible causes I think -

1. In your email settings on the VM website – you may have “Conversations” ticked – under “Sort by” at top right of Inbox screen. The result of this is that the mail system will sort your Inbox into conversation threads. So, a new email received today may, when opened, be attached to a thread which was started a month ago and is way down the list and therefore off page 1 of your Inbox screen. Untick Conversations.

2. Your signature suggests you are using an iPhone. You need to examine ALL your phone email settings to ensure that you do not have anything set which, for example, automatically deletes mail (say – Delete after read).

3. VM webmail and your phone are linked by a protocol called IMAP which keeps both items in sync, so – if you delete an email on your phone, the email is also deleted from webmail. Does your problem still arise if you ONLY delete emails from the VM website and not via the phone?

4. You say the problem happens randomly – and therefore not to all emails? Yes/no? What happens to test emails which you send to yourself?