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Emails - cannot send or receive


Have been tortured all week not being able to send or receive emails Have been told different things by different agents First it’s because they say it’s because I don’t have a virus scanner on my account. I have VM Web Safe on my ipad

Then I was told it’s to do with the internet security team and the number of times I’ve changed my password. In the past week I’ve had to change it 5 times. Apparently because of this they have locked my account I can get email on VM browser but not on outlook I also can’t send emails. It was fine until about 1.00 pm then I kept getting error messages.Then I was told that it’s happened to a lot of people not just me, Now there has been an it ticket eventually raised after being told at 1.30 pm it would be raised, but wasn’t. It will take 5 days to sort this out. I’ve several complaints about this and am going to send it to head office. Totally sick of this



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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Excellent news. Well done for sticking with it and trying all the suggestions.

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What error messages do you see when using Webmail ?

What email client do you use and what error messages it is reporting ?

It’s outlook that’s the problem I get a message saying “cannot send mail the username or password for **********@********.com is incorrect. I’ve been told to leave it for half an hour and try again No difference I’ve had no emails since 12.56 this morning I can get them on VM in the browser but not in outlook

Hi @liz30538 

Welcome to our community forums and sorry to hear you have been having issues with your emails. We want to do our best to help. Just to clarify, is this only an issue with Outlook? If so, are you using the Outlook app or the web version? Also, does this occur on multiple devices?


Forum Team

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Hi Akua

I’m using the outlook app only on my iPad I only have mail on my iPad Normally when my account is locked if I change the password on VM and outlook it resolves the problem. This time I have changed the password again and it is working on the VM browser, but when I change it on outlook it’s still not working. I can’t understand why it’s going to take 5 days to raise an IT ticket and get this sorted 

I’m paying for service like this

Hi liz30538


Thank you for your response. 


As its working on the VM browser and this appears to be an outlook issue, we may be limited to what we can do here as we can't support with outlook issues.


An IT ticket has been raised therefore it would be best to await the outcome of that to see if there is anything further we can do on our side. 


We do apologise for any inconvenience caused. 

Vikki - Forum Team

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I spent most of yesterday on the phone with VM being told different things by different agents First they can’t help and tell me to contact Microsoft Then they can The last agent changed my password on VM browser, told me to wait and the password would work in outlook it hasn’t I’ve been told by Chris in the retention team that some agents click on other and it takes them to a page where it says they cannot do anything about this It seems to be a matter of pot luck who you get I haven’t had my outlook email since last Thursday at 1.00 pm I’ve also been told there is a team which could fix this but I would have to pay. Chris has warned me not to pay anything I really don’t know what to do Anytime this has happened before VM have always been able to fix this

Now getting a message’your mailbox is not available at the moment’ I think the problem stems from whatever the Internet security team have done

Hi liz30538


I am sorry to hear that. 


We recommend you delete the outlook app and reinstall this.


Please let us know how you get on. 



Vikki - Forum Team

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Hi  Vikki, Zain from the executive team phoned today and talked me through doing that. I reinstalled but now when I open outlook  there is absolutely nothing there. He told me to leave it about 3 hours. Tried again but still no emails