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Email using EM Client

Tuning in

Virgin recently forced me to use a third party email to access my Virgin account.  I have a password they generated with four words separated by dashes.  I can access Virginmedia through my browser and then click on the link to get to me emails.  This works.

I cannot send emails from Em client or Thunderbird.  I can read my emails through both (using POP) but the Virgin email SMTP server reports an error VM304 when I try to send.  Sometimes it reports my credentials are invalid.

I have rung Virgin.  Because I can access and send emails through the browser they say there is no problem and appear not to know what VM304 is.  A Google search suggests my emails may be blocked at the server.

Does anyone else use EM client ?  and if so could you tell me what settings to use?




Tuning in

Just changed everything in EMclient back to the starting position with my Ntlworld address.  It now all works.  I think there must have previously been a problem at Virgins end that has gone away.    This is not what tech support told me to do.

I have been with Virgin for 25 years and yesterday evening tech support said my ntlworld address does not exist.  Apparently they can only see the new third party email address !

Sorry for bothering everybody



Hi Retepdrallub,

Thanks so much for posting this question and resolution for this problem, I apologise that our Faults Team couldn't help. But I am glad to hear you managed to get it sorted through some tweaking on your side 😊

If you need any further help, please don't hesitate to reach out again!