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Email - unable to login to NTLWorld Email account

Tuning in

On the 19/6/23 my historical emails disappeared from my email address but i still had access to receiving emails. This changed on 7/7/23 no emails. 

Since the 7/7/23 when i try to log in webmail,

Your Virgin Media Mail account is currently unavailable This is either because your Virgin Media Mail account is locked

Unfortunately this is on my main email account linked to My active virgin media Account. I have tried changing passwords and following the online suggestions but still says i 'm locked out.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Avo542


Thank you for your post and welcome to our community.


I am sorry to hear you are having some issues with the email account.


Is the email address linked to a current active broadband account with us?


Please pop back to us when you can. 


Vikki - Forum Team

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Hi Vikki_M,

Thank You for your reply , but i 'm now back in and i got my historical emails back. 03:11am 11/07/23. I assume the account  was locked to enable your colleagues to fix the problem.

In answer to your question, Yes the email address is linked to a current active broadband account with virgin media.

But hopefully i think it been sorted.


Hi Chalkychalk,

Mine account just came up along with my historical emails, Hopefully Your email account will be up and running soon.

Best Wishes

Joining in

Do not change your passwords, ive had the same as you , since 19/06 no historical emails , as i opened a folder i saw them dissapear in front of my eyes, I was able to send and recieve from 20/06 but email service went down again on Friday 07/07 , spoke to a advisor and in no uncertain terms told them that this email outage and loss of historical emails will have serious consequences regarding information loss , as for customers it was a breach of the service they pay for.

Advisors reply- Email comes free mate , you dont pay for it and you should get your email by wednesday midnight !thats all i can tell you .

hey presto emails suddenly back last night, monday 10/07 , - along with a email dated "Friday" saying

"We wanted to let you know that our teams have now completed the full restoration of your inbox, which means all of your historic emails should now be available."

I have some emails old back , but many folders still empty especially my Work and customer correspondance folders which contains valuable information. will i ever see them again ???? it seems irelevant to virgin - as i was told ,we dont pay for email service so they have no obligation to us.

The problems you have are entirely due to virgin media service end, dont mess with your log on or password .