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Email problems - password/username not recognised

I am having major issues with my emails and am unable to send or receive any on any device/platform unless I log into VM website and go into my emails this way.

If I try to log into my mail via phone or iMac etc, it states wrong username or password. It has been like this since Sunday. I have called VM support numerous times only to be told very different reasons each time. One of the reasons I was told is that they are experiencing problems with the server and they don't know when it will be rectified. I have asked neighbours who are also with VM and their emails are fine.

I was concerned that I was unable to gain access to my emails and wanted to change my VM password. This I am unable to do also. If I go into 'Profiles" on VM website it shows a message stating 'upgrades are being done' and that I am unable to go any further.

This is very worrying that not only can I not access my emails but I am unable to change my password.

Can anyone shed any light on what the hell is happening.

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Forum Team
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Re: Email problems - password/username not recognised

Hi Redrover18, 

I'm really sorry that you're having this issue and I can appreciate you're keen to get it sorted. 

We are aware of the issue and whilst it isn't impacting all customers many are affected. 

As soon as we have an update on what's going on you'll be able to find it here

I'm sure we'll have it sorted as quickly as we can. 


Emma_C - Forum Team