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Email no longer accessible

Joining in

Hi there, 

I really hope someone can help. Myself and my mother no longer have access to out ntlworld emails. The emails were connected to an old account at our address and we now have a new account. The bills and other important emails were managed through these email addresses amd now we have no access to them we are struggling to sort important things out! Is there a way someone can reinstate these email addresses for us and add them to the new account for us to sort everything out?

Kind regards,

Sam P


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Sam_P73, thanks for reaching out on our help forums about this issue.

We're sorry to see your @ntlworld email accounts have a problem, we'd love to best help with resolving this.
Could you please let us know what error you're getting when trying to lo on to this email from here on your pc/laptop browser?

Also, can you please check and confirm if the issue occurs when you're trying to access your emails from the browser, a client software (eg Outlook) or both?
You may also check your email settings to make sure they show as seen here in this instance.

Please, let us know more and we're glad to assist.

Forum Team

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Hi Adrian_G,

Thank you for your reply. The issue we are getting is "please enter a Valid email address". I think the problem was that we were secondary account holders with those email addresses and that account was cancelled (was under my mother's ex partner who we no longer have any contact with). And now that I have a main account under my name which I used the secondary account email to sign up with, I get the "your mailbox is not available at the moment" on my Virgin media page. It's all very confusing, as I can't access my email address to get anything, we need access to our email addresses as we have payments set up through them and can't access them to change anything! 

Sorry for any confusion.

Kind regards,

Sam P

Apologies for the confusion and inconveneince Sam_P73, there was an issue in regards the error message you have received that the team are currently looking into but due to the other factors you have mentioned may not be the reason for the issues. When were you last able to access the email accounts?



Hi Robert_P,

Thank you for replying. We were last able to access the accounts last week. Then they just stopped working altogether, this has left us quite confused and concerned. 😕

Kind regards, 

Sam P

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

I apologise - email addresses attached to old/cancelled accounts can be deleted at any time after the disconnection. 


Are you able to try this link for me please and let me know what it advises: - all you need to do is pop in the email address in question and let me know if it's valid. 




Hi Ryan_N,

I have put both email addresses into the checker and they both come back as valid and deliverable.


Sam P

Thank you for confirming this @Sam_P73

Are you able to see if you can gain access through an email client such as Outlook or Gmail to see if you can log in to sort your emails? 

To be able to reinstate and add the email to your new account as requested we would need the account holder permission and them to personally pass account security to look to see if your request is actionable. 


Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

Hi @Carley_S,

We have tried logging into them but we can't log in via outlook. 

As stated previously, we are not in contact with the account owner for the previous account as he is my mother's ex partner, who walked out on her for another woman. This actually caused problems originally to get a new Virgin Account at my address as we couldn't contact him to disconnect the old account. It has been one huge headache if I am honest with you.

I can give you the account number for the old account which the emails are connected to which was at my address and my current account number which is also currently at my address. 

Kind regards,

Sam P

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@Sam_P73  The VM Forum Team are doing their best to help you out, but to be honest you and they are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

As the email addresses concerned were on the ex partners account they 'belong' to him and cannot be moved to another account bit by bit.  Move and Transfers are all or nothing and in any case can't be done in such circumstances.


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