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Email locked/inactive

Tuning in

Ihave spoken with VM at length trying to get this Email unlocked. I have run a virus scan on all devices, reset passwords for primary email and used the password app on the VM website to generate the PW. I was told on the 27th Julythat my issue would be sent to IT and given a ref number, to resolve and would take 3 to 5 days. It’s been a week now and email account (secondary account) is still locked. I have been on phone for to a lovely lady todayto get the account unlocked, the agent said she had reset the password for the secondary account and to wait 15 minutes to access the account. I waited the 15 and tried to gain access  to the email account, it of course failed, account is still locked. I am frustrated at the lack of help from VM. Surely if they locked the account they can unlock it. Any advice would be appreciated.