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Email locked and won’t reset

I have read the various forum posts but it seems mine and my wife’s NTL emails have been locked (I suspect because we’re on holiday trying to access from abroad, given the timing). I have been able to unfreeze mine but not my wife’s but she needs to access urgently.

If she logs in it says to try again later (has done for 2 weeks). She can log into her normal Virgin account just not her email.

Hers is a secondary account and I’m the main account holder. I can log into mine and reset her email password but it doesn’t actually change it: it’s not recognised when she tries to login but she can still use her old one which leads to the frozen account message.

if she tries the forgotten password approach, yesterday it said the security questions were wrong (they 100% were not) and today it says the email account can’t be found.

Can an admin help quite urgently please? I am in hospital on holiday and she needs it to sort out insurance, home admin etc

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Re: Email locked and won’t reset

I doubt that is the cause. 🙂

I have never had any problems getting my mail when in Mexico for over 20 years. 🙂

You had just fallen foul of the latest email fiasco.

Here is what I have found from my recent experiences.

Here is my boilerplate reply for this.

Your account will have been locked or disabled more than likely.
They will send you an email about it, but as you have had the account locked/disabled, you obviously will not receive it?

The other week mine was locked for suspicious activity.
The following week it was disabled, and later on in the week it was neither, but required a password change.

You will need to call Virgin and get hold of Email support to get it unlocked or enabled.

I suspect they will be pretty busy due to all these accounts being locked/disabled regularly, so you might wait a while, but you do need to speak to a human being.

There is a sticky about this as the first thread, that does state you can do it from your account, by changing the password?

If you do call Virgin, apparently you have to wait 10 mins to access your mail?, I waited 20 and still not working.? Login and try changing the password yourself.

I think there might be three permutations of email issues here.?

1. Account is locked. Need to call Virgin to get it unlocked. At the same time, it seems the password needs to be changed.

2. Account is disabled. Need to call Virgin to get it enabled. No need for any password change.

3. Account is neither locked or disabled, but requires password change.? The sticky appears to work only for this case?

Lucky me has gone through all three variations in the last two weeks. 🙂

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