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Email limits

Using Outlook, I am about to send the same email twice, first to 92 recipients then to a further 50 recipients (i.e. both batches below 100). The message is short but there is a 2MB PDF attached. There is likely to be a handful of invalid addresses, say half a dozen. The recipients are all Bcc.

Will I hit any limits, and can I send both batches the same day?

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Re: Email limits

The simple answer is we don't know. While VM provide some information on sending limits which you, to your great credit, have read they also impose unstated daily and hourly limits. Unstated, because they are are designed as anti-spam measures and you don't give that kind of information away. 

Could you use a service like GMail or which tends not to be so strict as to sending limits?  But if you want to use VM mail the use VM web mail to send instead. That has higher limits both disclosed and undisclosed because it is harder to spam using web mail. If Outlook is using IMAP you will still be able to see the mail you send in your e-mail client.


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