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Email hacked

My son has an email address on my account and it seems to have been hacked into.

Several of his accounts which use his email address have had passwords changed and we don't know what other accounts have been accessed. This has happened on New Year's Eve, perhaps timed so we stand least chance of fixing it. In desperation I am trying this forum although I'm a newbie here..

Money was transferred from his bank account to another account of his. There may be other money transfers that we haven't yet uncovered. He has changed his email password and that of many of his accounts that may have been accessed.

We have found the IP address of the Mac computer that performed the fraudulent transfer. An IP search said it was in Manchester.

What can my son and I + VM do about all this?

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Re: Email hacked


First off would be to change his password you say that the email is linked to your account so you can do this at which I see you have already done

I would certainly get him too contact the bank, I find it strange that somebody who has hacked his email would transfer money from one of your sons bank accounts to another, unless somebody is have a laugh playing a joke on him, although it isn't funny !

Contact the police, it is a police matter under Computer Misuse.

Also from VM side and advice they have is too look at

Regards Mike




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