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Email hacked

I have had my email hacked. Who do I speak with?

3 Weeks ago I started receiving a lot of spam emails.

2 Weeks ago all my emails were deleted and when I called Virgin they said it was nothing to do with them and couldnt get them back.

I have since had so many emails sent from my email to people I dont know.

My mum yesterday received one of my lost emails from 2015.

Today I received an email from a hacker quoting my email address and my email password telling me he has my intimate photos 😂 and I need to pay him money.

I need something help here. Everytime I call for help it goes through to India and they never seem to take it seriously.

I have changed my password but how can this problem be rectified.

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Re: Email hacked

Judging by the experience you have had do you really want to chance things again with VM agents in this country or in India. I suggest not.

But we can help. I will link you to help files that VM publish. You need to read them carefully and carry out each instruction without fail. The reason your mail has been deleted and you can't get it back is that the hackers have got into your VM web mail and done this. So it is vital you follow all the steps to get your web mail cleaned up. The mail has gone for ever.

The blackmail threat is just a frightener.  Go the Action Fraud site and report it there if you must. But it is awell known scamming attempt. They don't have your current passwords, just old one they have gleaned from sites they have hacked. IF they do have your current password you have some work to do in making sure your new passwords are secure.

Good luck - here are he links you need:


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Re: Email hacked

Hi KarenC7828, 


Thank you for your post. 


I am sorry to hear of the experience that you've had here. As below as HowardML pointed out, this link would be best;


Keep me posted 🙂 

Ryan_N - Forum Team
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