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Email from Virgin 'internet-security' - saying my account compromised

Up to speed

So today, after a day yesterday of issues with email (again after last months debacle), I receive this email below from '' saying my email account may have been compromised... and telling me I have to do a virus scan and change my password AGAIN!!!  I am absolutely fed up with this.  Up until a few months ago I had almost two decades trouble free with this email account... it is my main account and ALL my important stuff is linked to it.  But since the last debacle with emails going up and down like crazy it has been nightmarish, never knowing if your email client can connect, or webmail will be offline (or both).  This is a service Virgin supply to me, and as such should work.  It doesn't matter if it is a 'free' service, although actually it came as part of my package but let's not go there, it should still work.

Today my mail clients are still accessing mail and sending just fine with the existing app-password (which is how I got the email below!), yet webmail is LOCKED due to suspicious activity.  Surely they should either both work, or neither - you can;t have half a system secure and half compromised surely?

Last time I tried to change my Password to My Virgin Media it said I had to change the access email address too... so I have not yet tried - as why would I access one email system using a completely different email address?  It's crazy!  It's like logging into YahooMail with your Gmail email address!! But it looks like if I want access to webmail I will HAVE to, and then will have to reset all my mail clients too ---- what a joke.





Up to speed

Hypothetically, if VM were to announce, tomorrow, that they were terminating any and all email provision as of 31st December and so you have three months to migrate away, what would you do?

Now, VM haven’t announced this, but it does seem screamingly obvious that this announcement can’t be far off, they no longer offer new email addresses to new or existing users, they require you to now use a non-VM branded address as the login for your VM account, multiple reported issues with little apparent urgency or resources to fix….

You say that ALL your important stuff is linked to it, personally, in your position, I’d be looking at unlinking your important stuff while you still can!

Wise owl

You would think that one being locked should lead to the other being locked.  It's poor design, poor testing, poor feedback, bad security, and bad managment - Honestly put bad in front of anything they "did" and it fits.  They snuck out the 2nt password after having years upon years upon years of a forced poor password design - and then copied the 2nt (lets call it a backup) password to the "App" Password.  Then they didn't train staff in the ability to lock an account or give them the knowledge of this 2nt account. 

Heck - I wouldn't be surprised if this email comes out of detections they had after their last major outage (when I suspect thousands of accounts were compromised - No staff will speak out and say I am wrong in that and I would welcome them saying so.  Just change both passwords and see if it clears up - You shouldn't need to change your login email address - but if it's asking users to do that now - well bad design, bad testing, bad implementation, bad feedback, bad.., bad.., bad...

I do not work for VM, but I would. It is just a Job.
Most things I say I make up and sometimes it's useful, don't be mean if it's wrong.
I would also make websites for them, because the job never seems to require the website to work.

Up to speed

Well something is VERY WRONG this morning. Now email on my mail client is not syncing although luckily I download ALL my emails so have everythign up to the last sync.  However the email from '' has VANISHED from my inbox.... not in deleted (I know I didn't delete it anyway), not anywhere!

How can that happen?  Going to try and reset passwords and see what happens.

Up to speed

OK, so PW (and email login address) reset... back into My Virgin Media account, and webmail works..... but setting a new 'App PW' has not let me into my mail client! 

I've tried using my NTL Email as my login name and the new App PW, plus the new email I have as my My Virgin Media login, plus the App PW - neither work!  Honestly Virgin seems incapable of making anything work properly!


This is all news to me this morning.

Yesterday I was trying to help a non-technical friend who'd called in the day as they've not been able to access their VM email for days. The helpdesk told her the account was fine, even though when she tried logging into webmail and her myvirginmedia and Outlook they all rejected the login withinvalid username or password.

We reset her password using the backup email address, still had an invalid username/password message when we tried logging in.

So I reset it again, purposely trying the same new password to confirm the previous reset worked and it had as we got the cannot use previous password etc message. 

I have no idea if the problem is the changes mentioned above or she might be using a secondary email account (she's used it for 15+ years so couldn't remember if she'd every had a different ntlworld address) 

Anyone got a link to the original communication that went out explaining all this with details what to try etc ???

Up to speed

OK so got things working again.... here's how:

Reset My Virgin Media account log in - I used an external email address as my log in as you have to now 'to improve security', plus reset the password - that got me in to both My Virgin Media AND Webmail...

Then reset the 'App Password' in the email settings of My Virgin Media - had to wait 15 minutes for things to reset apparently.

However NONE of my mail clients would sync using EITHER my original email address or my reset one as the log in (with new App PW) - nothing I did would get it going until.... I DELETED the accounts in the mail clients and set them back up again!  But wait for it.... using the ORIGINAL NTLWORLD email as my log in with the NEW App PW!!  So now I have to log in to Webmail using the new log in email address, but email clients using the old one! Well done Virgin!