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Email blocked

Joining in

My emails have been blocked. My IP address is blocked. No one at virgin media seams to no what to do. I’ve done the Spamhaus look up and filled in there form’s to unblock it heard nothing. Iv had the phone disconnected when in the middle of talking to you. You have passed me from pillar to post. I rang up again today you said you Would get some one to call me within 4 hours and nothing. Useless. You have a few day’s to contact me with a solution or I’m deleting my DD. No service no payment. 
It’s effecting my emails from my phone . It’s down to the service provider to get it unblocked. 
if there’s no communication in the next few days I’m contacting Ombudsman. 🤷‍♂️


Alessandro Volta

By all means start an official complaint, but do not cancel your DD. Their finance dept will promptly hit your credit rating, it's the only part of Virginmedia that works. 

- jpeg1
My name is not Alessandro. That is just a tag Virginmedia foisted on me.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Titchnuss58 👋 thanks for reaching out to us on the Virgin Media forums and a warm welcome to the community!
I'm sorry to hear about the troubles you're having with the email and your IP address being blacklisted.

May I ask if you're able to perform a virus scan on all your devices connected to your emails?
Please then proceed to clear any cache and cookies and change your passwords.

Regarding your IP address, please refer here for more information on this.

Let us know how you get along.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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I have done all that and more, nothing is working YOU HAVE TO DO IT AT YOUR END.. you are the service suplier... you are suposed to be dealing with this , y this has been going on for over a week..  i cannot send emails from my phone, from virgin media ntlworld account.  its not a phone fault.. i have been BLOCKED ... i have been through all this with you, i want an update to what you are doing about it, and i am not making any more phone calls that are costing me a fortune.. you ring me and tell me were you are with this.  You have had long enough. 


I will be deleting my DD this week ,  All the phone calls to your customer services and tech team.. no one knows how to deal with this, but people seam to be having the same problem.  who do we turn to for answers ???




Joining in

I need someone from you Tech Team to ring me, like they were suposed to on Saturday... the call never came and i am still waiting.  I cannot ring you my phone is not working. 

My Phone /outgoing mail was blocked well over a week ago, i still cannot send emails from my phone, you said you were going to ring me with an update... you have not, your customer services say, its sorted... IT IS NOT, ... ITS MY FAULT , NOT YOURS... (ITS NOT), As my servicer provider, you are the only ones who can unblock this for me. 

You need to phone me and let me know were you are at with this. No one at your call centres/customer services knows how to deal with it, i have changed my password 4 times, (with you ), there is nothing else i can do. I have emailed SPAMHOUSE LOOK UP, and reported my IP ADDRESS, blocked, and heard nothing... all this on your advice, so its back to you. 


My complaint has already gone in.. had no response ... ya dont say. 😞 


please can you help your customers, who are struggling with this. 









Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Out of curiosity which Spamhaus lists is your public IP Address on? For example,

it looks just like the page you have printed, i am not very technical so i cannot tell you much more than that... i had an email of spamhuse saying case closed, but they didnt tell me anything, and what they found. this is very very frustraiting, i have put in another request for my IP address to be unblocked . i really dont no anything other than this.. can anyone help me. virgin media keep asking me to ring them, but i cannot afford keep ringing them  they just past me from pillow to post, and the call cost a fortune. 

it just says spamhaus project ticketing center.   and looks like the one you posted. 

You keep sending me txt saying you have read my complaint and you want me to ring, you , i am unable to make outgoing calls.... please can you phone me, i am a customer... for god sake, every time i phone you you put the phone down or i get cut off... please phone me. 


Anyone else having problems still with sending out going mail.. i am blocked i am not very technical, so can anyone help me ?

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Can you post a screenshot here having redacted any personal information first, i.e. IP Address, etc?