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Email being shut down



My email account was made when my parents were on the broadband. they're now choosing to switch to a different provider. I have been told that my account will be shut down within 90 days. I am still a virgin mobile customer however. 

I was wondering if there was ANY way I can still keep my email account as changing to a different email will cause me many many problems. 

there is no help for this anywhere on the website. 


Thank you, 

Maria Khokhar

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Re: Email being shut down

No, you cannot keep the email address after your parents close their broadband service.  It is only provided with broadband service.

But look at this from a positive point of view.  When you take the action to choose your own address instead of one provided (AND CONTROLLED BY) your parents, you will have more opportunities.  Choose an address not linked to any ISP, so you can move around wherever you want in the future.

You can have better security, better support and better spam filtering right from the start.  The new address won't be on spam lists for a while (or never if you are careful).  You can slim down all the newsletters and boring stuff you don't want.

Take it one step at a time, using the time from now until the 90 days are up.  Change the financial and online services over to your new address, choosing strong passwords.  Contact your friends and family.  Unsubscribe from boring stuff.  In virgin webmail, set up auto-forwarding so you can start to catch anything you have missed.  I don't recommend setting up an auto-reply - this could broadcast your new address to spammers and scammers.  Backup any emails and contacts you want to keep. 

When you are ready - DELETE everything from the VM server.  If the address is hacked, then miscreants won't have any of your personal details to abuse.  When the 90 days are up, run your old address through  It should show as RED.  But if the result is green, ask your parents to come back to this forum to have the mailbox manually deleted from the VM servers.

Good luck.

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