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Email address used by someone other than me

I keep getting emails from various companies saying my password has been changed etc.  The only one relevant was for facebook.  it seems now that my email address is being used to create accounts for various sales websites (Humble Bundle and Unisoft to name a couple).  dont know what to do!

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Re: Email address used by someone other than me

@User12 wrote:

dont know what to do!

No one can set up another email account with the same address as yours so there are only two possibilities here.

Either, someone has entered your email address on various sites by mistake. Perhaps their name is very similar to yours and they have simply got it wrong. 😮  If that is the case they will be having problems because emails from those sites will be going to you rather then them.

Or, probably more likely, someone is deliberately using your email account for fraudulent purposes.

Either way, the first thing to do is to follow all the advice in this Virgin Media help sheet to ensure that your VM email account is secure.
Just one extra thing. The help sheet tells you to check whether an "Autoforward" has been set on your account but you also need to check whether any "Filter Rules" have been added. You will see "Filter Rules" on the drop down menu below "Autoforward" so just click there as well to check.

The other big issue is the activity you are seeing "from various companies". 

When an organisation sends out an email advising that your password has been changed the email will include something along the lines of "If you did not request this change please contact us immediately on" and give a phone number or email address. 

If you received those in relation to any of your online accounts it goes without saying that you should have followed up on those immediately.

Your phrase "the only one relevant" suggests that perhaps these were online accounts that you know nothing about. If that is the case you need to email or phone the companies and tell them you have no account with them and ask them to remove your email address from their database.

Your say that Facebook was the only one relevant. By that I assume you are saying that your Facebook account has had the password changed so you no longer have access to it.

If that is the case I have found this help on the Facebook website so I suggest you work through that.

I hope you get this resolved as soon as possible.




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Re: Email address used by someone other than me

Thanks for your post and welcome to the community forums, User12,


Very sorry to hear that you have had this experience.  @coenoby has given the best advice regarding this.



Corey C


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