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Email account suddenly not recognised - still virgin customer?


Please can anybody help? Up until a week ago I was logging in to my virginmedia email account. Then I was suddenly met with "your username is not recognised" or similar. 

This email address was opened and has been used daily since the day I first took out a VM contract in 2009. I have been logging in to this email account and my myvirginmedia home page using the same loggin details. 

In 2017 I moved house and took out another VM contract for my new address. But I didn't create another myvirginmedia. I still kept using and logging in to my original email address using my first myvirginmedia. Although, even though I moved house and took out a different VM account in 2017 I was still paying for the original contract until 2019 (Feb). 

So to clarify; I have been a VM customer since 2009 without any breaks at all. In fact for the period of 2017 - 2019 (Feb) I had and was paying for 2 different accounts - my first one and my new one for where I live now.

The reason for keeping the first account was because I split with my partner and I carried on paying the VM for her - being reasonable.

Anyway, I hope this message isn't too confusing. All I am trying to do is to carry on using my email address which I have used daily since 2009. But it appears that it has been "taken down" or deleted or something. 

And to make matters worse; when I attempt to go through the process of registering for a new myvirginmedia - I am left in total frustration. The email link sent to my email address (not my virginmedia email address) once clicked on will not work - it says the system isn't working right now or words to that affect. 

When I try to ring VM I am on the phone for ages; then when I eventually manage to speak to someone about this - it's like talking to a brick wall - sadly. The call handlers appear to not have a clue what I'm talking about. However, they have told me I should expect a call back from someone with some technical knowledge within the week (ticket raised). 

I have little confidence that this problem is going tom be resolved - sitting back and waiting for someone to call. 

I use or was using my email account daily - for important family things - schooling and medical issues to name some. I have incoming emails which I need to access - but I am locked out. 

To make matters even worse; when I speak to call handlers - I am regularly met with rudeness when thy are challenged. I am regularly met with waffle and lies - basically told complete rubbish.

I just need to carry on using my original email address. I have been a customer since 2009. There has been no breaks in my service and I do not owe VM any money whatsoever. 

Please can somebody help me?


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Re: Email account suddenly not recognised - still virgin customer?

@ModTeam  can someone pick up?


Have you checked if the email address is still "live" and you are just locked out, or is indeed gone?

It sounds suspiciously like the address was linked to the old account....



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Re: Email account suddenly not recognised - still virgin customer?

I have to agree with @Kippies on this one, it has all the hallmarks of the original email address either being in the process of being deleted or already been deleted.

@bustedflush do you know if the original VM account (the one started in 2009) is still active or have you or your ex-partner now cancelled it? If it has been cancelled then the email address(es) associated with it are supposed to be deleted some 90 days later - admittedly this doesn’t always happen on time but that is what should happen. If it’s still an active account then whoever is now in control of it (presumably your ex) also controls that email address, unfortunately as the address is tied to that account, which is no longer in your name, VM wouldn’t be able to help you as technically it’s no longer yours.

The inability to register a new account on MyVM is a separate issue, there does seem to be a general problem with some users being able to access this presently, hopefully it gets sorted out in due course.

There is a small chance that your email issue is a temporary one, VM have been having some difficulties of late, the first thing to try, as suggested above, is to go to and put your address in to the search box on that site. It just tests to see if the address is still ‘live’ or not. If it comes back as dead then that’s it, the mailbox has definitely been deleted and there’s nothing more to do. If it comes back green then you could try to get into it using different email clients (Thunderbird etc.), but I’m afraid that from your description of the circumstances and the ‘username not recognised’ error, I have to say that I’m afraid the chances are that the email address, the mailbox and all the emails in it have been deleted.

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Re: Email account suddenly not recognised - still virgin customer?

Thank you for your replies  - the above posters. 

I have checked with and the account is still live - it's green and it says it's valid.

I have no idea about using Thunderbird etc.  I'll have to ask my partner about that tonight.

Just to clarify; from about a week ago and still now whenever I log in to my virgin email account it says "you've entered the wrong username or password". I am 100% sure I am entering the correct details. Just in case, and because there is nothing else displayed to progress, I click on the "forgotten your password" link. 

It then displays a box for me to type in my username - which I then do. However, it then just comes up with "unable to find username". No matter how many times I try!

I can then continue to another page called "find your username". It asks for the account holders last name, account number, and are code. 

Upon entering my correct details for my first virgin media account it then displays "unable to find username".

If I enter my new (current) virgin media account number on the above page called "find your username" - it then displays "you've changed your username to Before you can sign in to it you need to confirm a new username. 

It says check your in box for an email which was sent on 28/06/2017 -YES THAT'S 2017. Anyway I cannot find such an email in my gmail email. 

So, I have clicked on the "send it again" many times over the last week. initially they weren't coming through. However, I have received a couple of emails in to my gmail box for me to click on and verify my second and current VM account. However, unfortunately it just keeps saying once clicked on something like "oops, sorry we can't confirm due to technical difficulties".

It appears to me with my limited knowledge. There might be 2 issues going on. I have a suspicion my original VM account was last week finally closed. And there is a separate technical problem preventing me from fully activating a current myvirginmedia account?

To clarify, my original first VM account was paid up and cancelled in Feb of this year 2019. 

Also, for clarification. I did give it some thought some 6 months ago and then again at the time of me paying up and cancelling the original account - I rang twice about and enquired about making sure my original virgin media email address would still work one the old account had gone. I asked for it to be made aware or linked to my newest VM account. 

Sadly, I have absolutely zere confidence in the call handlers I spoke to. They have told me conflicting information. They couldn't get their head round why I had 2 accounts. They thought I was just leaving VM so weren't actually that polite or helpful at all. 

Even last week I mentioned all of this, that I had actually taken steps in advance of any disconnections to absolutely avoid my email address from disappearing or similar. 

Does anybody have any ideas what to do? Is there a direct number I can ring where I could engage in a conversation over the phone and explain my problem to a qualified person who is on the same wavelength? 

Many thanks


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Re: Email account suddenly not recognised - still virgin customer?

Don't try phoning - the forum is your best chance of getting your emails back in a useful state, as far as the VM system will permit.  The Forum Team (VM employees) are good at looking at the facts in the VM system, and then getting a ticket raised with IT to sort it out.  Just wait for one of them to contact you in this thread, and then get your personal info by private message.  You'll be fine!

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Re: Email account suddenly not recognised - still virgin customer?

Hi bustedflush,


Thank you for your post. I'm sorry to hear this. 


I will private message you concerning this.