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Email account locked

Tuning in

My emails ( account over 22years old) locked at some point last Monday , it looks like virgin have locked it, I try and reset the password but it says password not accepted despite answering the security questions, I have been on the phone twice but not no real idea if they are doing anything, if they want to close .net accounts then let people know and I can change everything, unfortunately my NHS account is linked to this and I am waiting on urgent medical results which is to be sent by email, anyone have any idea on how I can get my email back please 


Thanks Barney, I’m still waiting for the 72 hour call back I was promised by the helpline from Sunday 19th March and again Tuesday 21st March ! The helpline are either totally inept or just a bunch of lairs who say anything to get you off the phone, you decide which, I have ! Clearly I haven’t waited and have set up a new email with a decent provider and spent hours last week changing my contacts and details. 

The irony and clue was there 8 years ago I tried to change to Virgin broadband and it was a horrific experience peppered with ineptitude and lies from the helpline, after cancelling my broadband as instructed I has 3 engineers out, First didn’t turn up, 2nd couldn’t get it to work, 3rd turned up and said as I was 270m from the connection hub then it wouldn’t work, each visit required me to speak with the helpline with increasing nonsense and ineptitude, I just gave up and vowed never to use any of their mobile, broadband or media services which might be cheap but are essentially backed up by extremely poor service, given my email experience this was really wise.

I do find their direct marketing material quite useful though, they make great firefighters for my log burner.

I guess the moral of the story is whether you pay for it or not then if you have an issue and have to contact virgin then good luck.

I did get BT broadband who could fit it correctly on time and without hassle plus I have had 8 happy trouble free years with them and would highly recommend them, a professional outfit, you might pay more but at least it’s not a service lottery. I wouldn’t hold a virgin media product if they were the last provider on earth.