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Email account has been hacked and they have locked the account

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im posting on behalf of a friend whose email account is hacked and the hackers have changed her password so that she cannot get in. The call centre have been no help and keep asking her to reset her password, so need someone to help. She is worried if she uses the help hat herself that the chat will be sent to her email and the hackers will know what is happening to fix it, hence using a throwaway with my email instead.  She’s in tears and I am at a loss of how to help. Can we get some assistance please? 


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She would just like it deleted if easier

Hi @Help4Justine thanks for your post here in the Community, although we're sorry to hear of your concerns raised.

Sadly, we're only able to intervene when speaking to the account holder directly to reset their password, we're unable to do this on behalf of somebody else we're afraid.

Has she tried to change the password as generally, this is the best way of getting rid of the hacker?

Please see here for more help with this.

We hope this helps.

Many thanks


Hi Tom,

yes they have tried this but the hackers keep changing it so she wants the helpline to delete the email account but they are insisting that they can’t do that

She’s currently locked out of it completely despite the helpline trying to reset it 

She’s been on the phone to your call centre for over 3 hours and each time gets cut off because they say they cannot delete. They have now also hacked Facebook and Instagram using the reset that goes in to the email account so she is worried what else they will do

Hi @Help4Justine thanks for your reply.

We do appreciate this is distressing, we're sorry about this. We can delete the email address, but we would need to speak to the account holder directly on this.

If she could make an account on here, and message this thread we can look to delete the email address but this wouldn't be instant, it would be via an IT Ticket raised to the IT Team.

If she can do this, we can help further!
Many thanks


Thank you! We will do that 

You're welcome! We'll be able to help out here 😊

Many thanks