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Email account credentials stopped working & can't reset password

Tuning in

Exact same issue as that reported on 11th Oct (copied their subject line)...

It was resolved by @John_GS


For some random and unexplained reason, I could not access my email via outlook this morning and I can still(!) log into My VirginMedia with the credentials failing in outlook, and if I go to change password it asks me to Change e-mail address.  If I choose Generate New App Password, it asks me to change the e-mail address.

Even after changing to a 3rd party email, I am unable to validate this and consequently unable to reset my password and therefore unable to access email.

Speaking to CS, an IT ticket has been raised, ticket P012281484, has now been logged to the relevant support team.

I am a self employed IT contractor, so am VERY confident in using computers etc, but as the original problem stated, the ways and means to re-validate an account or get a password reset on VM are nigh on impossible to follow and just adds to already breaking patience levels!

I need this resolved asap, as I am in the middle of negotiations for a new work contract, and need to access my email urgently!



Tuning in

Able to access webmial, after successfully resetting my password. However, the password generated by link in the help desk for Managing Web App Passowrd, doesn't seem to work for outloook on my PC, or my external email app on my Samsung mobile phone...

Hi @BigBaldTone 

I can see you have posted about this on another thread and my colleague has responded to you for further info. 

Please stick to one thread for the best support.


Forum Team

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