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Email account Locked

Tuning in

I tried to access my email account yesterday and I could not get in, i tried getting into it from the virgin media site and all i'm getting is the account is locked, contacted customer services and they said I needed to change my password, so I done that over the phone and they said it would be back within 15 - 30 mins, after 2 hours I still could not access it, so i called again and again they said I need a password change, so went through it again, again they said it will take 15 mins, still nothing, on to today, still cannot get access, called CS again and they gave me a password that they had set it to, got told to wait 15 mins, after 45 mins still nothing, contacted CS again and the person said they cannot unlock my account and have to wait for someone from technical to contact me, this is a joke, my email was working fine up until 2pm yesterday, the latest CS person walked me through some settings and into my account settings, there they told me to change the password, but this asks for an email that is not a virgin one so they can verify me, how can they verify me if the new email address they wanted is a free email address? I explained this to the CS person and she said ok, i will try to sort it,, eventually she told me she cannot unlock and that I have to wait for technical to contact me, last time i waited for technical, i made many calls over a 3 week period because no one contacted me, I have no idea why my account was locked and no one can tell me why?



Tuning in

Problem solved, After numerous calls to 7 or was it 8 different customer service people, It is now sorted, the final CS person sorted it out for me which allowed me to connect to my email account but only through the web page, my windows app that i use failed to work as it kept coming back as wrong password, what you need to do is sign into your my virgin media, go to account settings, then choose account details, scroll to the bottom and click manage next to virgin media mail, click generate new app password, it will ask you for a third party email (none blueyonder/virgin one) once you enter your email you will be sent a link to the third party email, once received, click the link and it will show you a generated password, this is the password you will have to use in your 3rd party app, if your using windows mail, mozilla thunderbird or others, just go to the settings on each of your non working account and use the new password generated, It caused me a headache but in the end and after numerous calls i did manage to get a person who knew what he was on about, your new password will be in this format eg: wind-power-acorn-shield this is the password format you have to enter,, hope i'm not sounding like i'm teaching folks to suck eggs, but i'm an old bloke (seen 60 many moons ago,, lol) if i can sort it, anyone can 🙂 



Did CS give you any clue as to why the account was locked?

I used to work in IT for the government and one of my little tasks was to manage users accounts, including locking/unlocking/creating accounts, resetting passwords and such like.

Surely, if you have had your account locked, there should be a reason, but only the CS folk would know that and they could let you know why.

If your password has become corrupted, again, surely the CS team can just reset it, giving you a temporary password and force you to reset it next time you log in.

I'm pleased you have got things sorted, but I'm in the situation of being unable to access my emails yet again due to something going on unseen.


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @colinRG,

Welcome back to our Community Forums! Thank you for your post and I'm sorry to hear that you've had some issues accessing your locked mailbox, but I'm glad that this issue is now resolved and that you have access to your emails again.

Happy to see that you've posted the resolution for the thread so that other members can use this if they come across a similar issue. 

If there's anything else we can do to help, please let us know how we can help. We're here if you need us. 

Thank you.

Forum Team

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Hi, They gave me a couple of reasons, no idea which was true, one CS told me it was because my account was receiving too many spam emails and it was locked to protect my account, but I found this hard to believe because locking my account is not going to stop spam being sent to it, the other CS person said it was a mass update that virgin are doing to their system and this was going to affect all users, my wife has an email with virgin and her account was not locked, same as my son and daughter are all virgin customers and they have no issues, whether this is a try out thing and they are looking for feedback from customers, i don't know, but why not inform us, to be honest many customer services are not really helpful, it's at times difficult to get them to understand what the problem is, I had 7-8 attempts at CS unlocking my account, they all said wait 15 mins for the system to update then you should get access, this did not work, then one said we have sent you an email that was auto generated when i requested a password change (that is something CS told me to do) after 2 hours no verify email, then another CS sent another verify email and he waited on the phone for the email to arrive, nothing arrived after 20 mins and his response was, oh, you will have to wait 24 hours before we can send another one,, 24 hours for an email? what was this? I can appreciate the 24 hours time period but the massive fault with this is, the verify link is only valid for 15 mins, so if the email arrives in the middle of the night when we may be sleeping, we would miss that 15 minute window and we'd be back to square one, I'm a person who just won't take no for an answer so i called CS again and again, eventually I got someone who understood what my issue was and sorted it out within 5 mins. if one CS can't help, just call again and again,, lol

My password was not corrupted, it just seemed like some of the CS people were not really on the ball and to get rid of you they will either disconnect the call (had that a few times) or tell you you have to wait for a longer period of time and there was nothing they could do until that time expired, what problem are you getting?