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Email Spoofing

We are aware that some customers are reporting that emails appear to have been sent from their account without their knowledge.


Common symptoms include receiving ‘non-delivery reports’ or ‘bounce messages’ for emails you have no knowledge of sending, and people contacting you, saying that they have received SPAM emails from your email address.


This issue is often referred to as Email Spoofing:


  • Email spoofing occurs when spammers change an email header's "from" address to make it appear as though it originated from a genuine email account
  • This issue tends to occur more regularly if you expose your email address to the wider internet, making it easy for the spammers to harvest your details.  However as spammers often use randomly generated email lists this issue can impact anybody
  • In the majority of cases these spoofed emails are rejected by the email platforms they are sent to as they’re classified as SPAM, however on occasion these emails are delivered
  • If these messages are rejected the ‘non-delivery report’ will be sent to the legitimate email address that has been spoofed
  • On the Google platform, these failure notices were classified as SPAM and either not delivered or placed in the SPAM folder
  • However at present our new platform does not have this functionality, so these failure notices are delivered to your inbox

Although it appears that your account has been compromised/hacked, spammers require no access to your account in order to ‘spoof’ emails from your email address.


In addition it may also appear that these ‘spoofed’ emails are targeting a number of your contacts.  If you do experience this issue, especially if ALL your contacts have been spammed, please follow our help content here:


However once again it does not necessarily mean that your account has been compromised/hacked.  Unfortunately there are numerous  ways in which spammers can match your address with somebody from your contacts without gaining access to your account.


Virgin Media take the security of our customers very seriously, however as email spoofing occurs outside our platform, we are unable to prevent this issue occurring.  We will however continue to investigate how to reduce the impact of email spoofing on our customers.

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