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Email Spam Content Found error 550 - 554

We're aware that some bulk email senders are receiving a message saying 'Spam Content Found' when emailing Virgin Media Mail addresses ( / / /

Error Messages seen are 550 - 554 5.2.0 Spam content found

The advice below explains what both Virgin Media Mail users, and third-party email senders should do if they are affected by this. Please read the steps below, and make changes where required.

Authentication & Identification

To ensure that Virgin Media Mail can identify you and knows to deliver your messages, make sure that you:

  • Use a consistent IP address to send bulk mail.
  • Keep valid reverse DNS records for the IP address(es) from which you send mail, pointing to your domain.*
  • Use the same address in the 'From:' header on every bulk mail you send.
  • Publish an SPF record*
  • Sign with DKIM or DomainKeys *.


  • All bulk messages you send must be formatted according to RFC 2822 SMTP standards and, if you are using HTML, standards too.
  • Messages should indicate that they are bulk mail, using the 'Precedence: bulk' header field.
  • Attempts to hide the true sender of the message or the true landing page for any web links in the message may result in non-delivery.*
  • The subject of each message should be relevant to the body's content and not be misleading.

(*Third-party senders only)


While Virgin Media Mail works hard to deliver all legitimate mail to a user's inbox, it's possible that some legitimate messages may be marked as spam.

To make sure our customers receive all the mail they'd like to, we've provided them with a 'Not spam' button to click for each message flagged by our spam filters. This feedback is then analysed, and used to train our spam filters.

Moving these message into their inbox, and saving the sender address to Contacts should ensure delivery in the future.

What next?

By using these tips, and as long as our customers don't consider your mail as spam, you shouldn't have inbox delivery problems.

Our guidelines are meant to help you build a good reputation within the Virgin Media Mail system, resulting in continual delivery to Virgin Media Mail inboxes.

If the problem persists, please post in our Email forum, confirming that all the items above are correct where applicable. You will be asked to provide our Forum Team with a full copy of the error message, and complete email headers from a recent bounced email, via Private Message.

The team will then work with the Virgin Media Postmaster to investigate and advise.

Please be patient as these investigations can take some time to analyse and report back on.



There’s more great advice from one our Community Superusers, Ravenstar68, here: Ravenstar's Email FAQs

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