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Email Security

Hi all,

Since yesterday evening (22nd Jan) my Samsung S3 mobile phone email app has been refused permission to sign and sync with my virgin email account. I get a message saying the password is incorrect. This isn't the case (I can sign in directly using the same password, and the gmail app on the same phone works OK). 

I've had problems with the Samsung email app not synching before but without the message. This problem has been solved in the past by clearing cache on the phone but it hasn't worked this time.

Recently I've noticed that gmail isn't happy with the Samsung email app attempting to send emails via  my gmail account (but seemed to be OK with Samsung email downloading mail from it). The message from gmail was that they were not with the security of the Samsung app.  

I believe Virgin email is basically gmail. Has Virgin/gmail changed some security setting in the last 24 hours ? Has anyone else experienced similar problems ? Is there anything I can do about it other than start using the gmail app on the phone as my preferred app ? 


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Re: Email Security

Virgin e-mail has not been inked to the Google system since 2015 when VM mail was kicked off Google because Google closed the service unilaterally. VM took the system in house. So you will need to rethink your basic assumptions. Loads of problems reported on this Forum with the Samsung mail app. People generally recommend the generic Gmail app or (I think it is called) Blue Mail.

But there may be something else going on. The password rejection is strange. It may be that the password servers have got out of sync. The way to resolve this is either to change your password all round or reset it by going into My Virginmedia and using the same password - that brings the servers back into sync.

As a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share my knowledge. I don't work for Virgin Media.

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