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I keep having to change my enail password approximately every 3-4 weeks. I can easily change it by using the settings to create a new password, but it it is very annoying as I have to change the password in the email apps I use every time and sometimes the apps won't accept the new password straight away.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for reaching out to us @KeithLeonard on our Community Forums and welcome back!

Sorry to hear of the need to make the regular changes to the account.

Are you prompted to do this when logging into webmail, or is this happening when maintaining access to the account via a 3rd party application?



Hi David

Usually when logging into webmail although this last time it was on some third party apps. However I also logged into webmail and got the usual message "403 Access denied".

Whenever I have phoned in, the CSA has told me that it is a national problem but shouldn't happen again. However it is and it us and it is every three - four weeks and it always happens when I am right in the middle of doing something which is very annoying.

Hi KeithLeonard,

Thanks for coming back to us about this email issue you've been struggling with for some time, I am sorry for the frustration this causes each time it crops up 😥 

Can we ask if you've done the following things -

  • Run virus scans on all devices that have had access to your email?
  • Changed your email AND MyVM password to something new and unique? (If it's too similar to previous used passwords this may be causing the problem)



Hi Megan 

I  have done all of the above. I change my My Virgin Media password every time I change my email password to something totally different which is ok for 3-4 weeks then I gave to change my password again.

Hi @KeithLeonard 👋,

Thank you for your reply, and thank you for confirming this for us. We may need to raise an IT ticket in regard to the issues you are facing. I will pop you over a PM. Please keep an eye out for the little envelope 👀📩

IT phoned me yesterday. They were going to change my password again, but I said no. He then put me on hold and allegedly did something at their end to make sure I didn't have to keep resetting the password every three yo four weeks and said he would close the complaint down as solved.

I am not very impressed with IT as I doubt that he did anything at all to solve the problem.

I will keep monitoring the situation and will come back to the forum if the problem persists.

Hey there @KeithLeonard Thanks for reaching back out to us. 👋🏼

I'm so sorry to hear about the poor experience you have had with our IT consultant. 😞
Let's see how it goes with the changes they have made on their end and we can go on from there.

Keep us updated throughout the next few weeks and hopefully we can work towards a resolution.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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Hi it has happened again. I have had to renew my email password again only three weeks since I last changed it.

Obviously the so called IT expert who was supposed to make sure it didn't happen again, did not do anything or has failed to solve the problem.

It is getting a pain in the backside having to reset all my app passwords. This should not be happening every three to four weeks so can it please be sorted out this time but as I said previously I wouldn't bank on it.

Hi there @KeithLeonard 

Thank you for popping back to us and I am so sorry to hear that this issue has reoccurred, please do pop back to our agent Rob in the PM and he will continue to look into this with you.