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Email Inbox Subfolders not showing on Phone App

I just checked my email on my Phone App and when I select Inbox - Show all folders it's only showing me the Default ones - VIP inbox, Starred, Drafts, Outbox and Trash.

All of the other folders I usually see are not there.  When I log into Webmail they are all there OK and have emails in them.

I can't remember where to see the settings to define which folders are shown on other IMAP devices - where is it?

EDIT:  Hmm, found it but it seems all OK.


They are ticked OK but still not showing up on phone.  Hmmm.

EDIT2: I added a new IMAP folder and then removed it and when I refreshed Phone App all the folders have now re-appeared.  Strange but Solved.

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Email Inbox Subfolders not showing on Phone App

Hello @sjw211.


Thank you for updating us with this post 🙂


I am sorry that you were having issues with this but I am happy to see that you have solved it!


I hope someone can use this in the future if they are having the same issues.


Have a lovely day.

Forum Team

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