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Email Client and VM password

This may be an old question but it is new to me, so I will apologise in advance if this is going over old ground.

I access my VM email through a client called Thunderbird.

My email is an @ntlworld email account.

I have been with VM for many years, hence the old email extension.

I have now started to have an issue where it asks for a password nearly every time I run the client.

I have many other emails that I access through this client but never have this issue.

I have set the account access as per the VM requirements so everything appears as it should be.


I have used the IMAP options as shown in the link.

Once I have entered the password it works ok , until I close and re-open Thunderbird.

Then, and not every time, it may ask for the password again.

Now Thunderbird has a password vault where it saves the passwords for the email accounts.

I can see a passwords saved for ....

imap:// (imap:// 

smtp:// (smtp://

So this should be OK.

Any ideas as to why this has started now after many years of good service?



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