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Email Box not working

On our wavelength

Over 2 weeks ago,my wifes email box stopped working she can not sign in to it either through Windows live mail or through web mail. I went to my account (I am the account holder and my wife's email box is one 1 of 5 extra boxes I created to use for different things) I did eventually find the list of email accounts and was going to edit my wifes to try and soer it out. But the only edit option avaiable to me is to delete the box which is not what I want to do.. I have posted on here  and sent pm messages to one of the team who promised to escalate the problem to a manager which might take a week. It is now over 2 weeks  since that with no result. I have in the meanwhile been through the VM help system several times, I must have spoken to half the staff at customer services. and had everything from a promise that it would be working in half an hour to we will phone you back in 2 hours. I was told once that they needed to send me a 6 digit code to a non VM email which I provided nothing came and I know the address is working because I tested it. Every time I ask to speak to a technician, that is some one who can actually repair the fault not just pass it up the line I end up back at customer services and get nowhere again. I filed a complaint and got a reply with so much flannel in it I could have made a pair of trousers. I replied to that email twice as I was still not getting any help or a technician Now I have had another email from this team saying that they have sorted the problem.and will be closing the complaint If I require further help I need to start again NO THEY HAVEN'T SORTED IT. Can anyone tell me please why I can not get through to a technician and not a customer service rep who can not actually fix it.? I am according to the complaints team a Loyal and valued customer of 16 years, something I find very difficult to believe at the moment. I am completely fed up with spending 10 minutes with an AI chat bot before joining a 40 minute queue to speak with a CS rep who can not solve the problem and cant put a technician on the line who can get into my email and sort it out. OR ringing CS to spend nearly an hour before again speaking to someone who fobs me off with I will call you back or I will escalate this. I really hope someone on here can advise me what to do next. I do know I can take my complaint to an arbitrator according to the info on the email from the complaints department.  But how long does that take and will it force VM to stop everything and get this important email box working again?

Finally a thought has occurred to me as to why VM doesn't appear able to spare a technician to sort a simple problem out. Have they been hacked and  held for ransom and  are desperately trying to not let it leak to the public? and especially their customers. Any help or suggestions that I haven't tried yet would be welcomed


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Quezzers 👋🏼.

Thank you for posting and welcoming you back on the community forum ☺.

I am really sorry this issue is ongoing, as I can see one of our team have reached out to you and they will do their upmost to help you.

I understand your frustration but our staff member will work closely with you in order to get this resolved. To stop any confusion I have gone ahead and reached out to our staff member to reply. 

Hope  this gets resolved for you 🙏

Ari - Forum Team

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On our wavelength

Thank you for the reply. I have been in touch with one of the forum team member. However my wife's email box is still inaccessible either through windows Live mail or VM webmail. It is now 4 weeks since this started . I am told by the forum team member that they are waiting for the box to be unlocked. and will get back to me. How long does it take your technicians to unlock an email box?. 

One other thing I found whilst trying to sort this is Why can I no longer edit my sub mail boxes on my account? It appears the only option I have in edit mode is to delete the box which I don't want to do But I would like to be able to change passwords as I used to be able to. Why has this been taken off?


We will chase this with Sabrina to see if there is any updates for you Quezzers, apologies for the delays.



Alessandro Volta

You cannot now edit your sub accounts. They have changed the system so that each email account has its own MyVirginmedia login. 

- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

On our wavelength

Hi jpeg1 at least it wasn't your mother stuck you with a name you don't want. Any idea why they changed the system I thought it worked well. 

Regards Quez


On our wavelength

Hi Robert just a thought says all sub emails have now got a Mt VM The 5 I created  including  my wifes did not have this at the time and  I don't remember creating a MY VM log in for any of them Could this be something to do with the problem?  It only showed up after I got a message to say my contract had expired and I renewed.



Thanks for coming back to us @Quezzers 

I recommend if you still have concerns, you can continue your private conversation you have open with Sabrina and they'll be able to assist further with this. 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent