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Email Account Locked Again

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One of our email accounts has been locked again with the error "Your mailbox is not available at the moment.". We have performed virus scans, reset the email password and waited nearly 24 hours but the account is still locked. How do I get this unlocked?

We had a spate of this happening a few months ago and I really hoped it had been sorted. I have no issue with VM taking security precautions on my behalf but it shouldn't then be impossible for me to resolve the VM imposed block.


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Just bumping this because I’ve had no response. The VM chat bot has proved useless and the password reset hasn’t worked so I think I’m relying on a response via this forum 

I have multiple email accounts with VM and  the particular one I’m having an issue with is a one

Hey fatdaz, thanks for posting on our help forum with your issues.

We're sorry to hear of the login issue and the locked email account currently, we're eager to best help you with this error.

Please, have a read at the below:

Do not use existing or previous passwords

  • Choose one between 8-10 characters that includes numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Avoid using complete words

and let us know if the password created after the account was locked meets the requirements. 
If not please try changing the password again here making sure the above are applying and let us know if this works for you.

Glad to assist should you face further issues.

Forum Team

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The password meets the length and eligibility criteria and has a mixture of upper & lower case letters, numbers and special characters. Your reply doesn't mention special characters but we have 7 different VM email accounts and they all have special characters in the password. If I don't use special characters your interface informs me that my passwords are weak or moderate at best.

Hi @fatdaz


I will send you a private message now so I can look into this further for you.


Please look out for the purple envelope in the top right of the page and pop me a reply when you can.

Vikki - Forum Team

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