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E mails not sending, ntl and vm

I have a number of e mails for ntl and vm all work from vm webmail ok, But will not send from windows10, Mac, or Android devices at home. I can send ok from market square in town but not at home Checked settings, have changed nothing and have used these accounts for many years successfully.  But 4 days ago  up to now cannot send.

Spoke to VM overr two days for about 3 hours in all, and all I get is that if they work on webmail it is not their fault, speak to device people, (what all gone faulty same day,?)  Must be linked to hub? 

 Getting a bit [REMOVED] not getting this sorted

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Re: E mails not sending, ntl and vm


Not linked to the hub but sounds like that your public IP address has been marked from sending spam due to a SpamBot.

First I would suggest to following to find the error that you are getting on your email client :- Look here to get the error logs:-, if you do have an VM305 error then more than likely the spambot was asleep as spamhaus will automatically remove after 2 days of no spam activity, if error then follow :-

You can check your listing yourself but there is no point requesting removal until you have found and deleted the spambot. and type in your external IP you can gets this my typing "whats my ip" into google.

If you are running Hola VPN Free, then note But Hola Free VPN is anything but a VPN.

Regards Mike

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