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E mails moved to trash

Tuning in

I realise that my inbox is pretty full (I get the 999+ message), but I can't find any way of auto-deleting previous emails after a period. Instead, the webmail client has now adopted the habit of apparently randomly moving my emails to Trash. If these were emails from many months ago I probably wouldn't mind too much, but these are from only a couple of weeks ago. There is no obvious method to the procedure that I can perceive. I can (if I can be bothered) find previous stuff in the Trash can but it would be much easier, given that Thunderbird (I think for different reasons) is now doing something similar, to simply find my emails on the web. Of course, if Virgin have some kind of local desktop application next where I can save things instead of being dependent upon their Gmail, then great. However, given that this is extremely unlikely, can somebody tell me how to keep my webmail properly ordered?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

It is worrying that messages are randomly being moved to Trash folder but given webmail's simplistic function set it is unlikely to be causing the issue. Which other email clients do you use and is it possible to configure them to auto-delete read message after a set period?

Making sure you have up to date backup of your messages then as a workaround to the issue of managing your mailbox storage consider using webmail's archiving function to store message by year and then delete the folder years no longer needed. Read more here How to manage my email account | Virgin Media Help under How to archive messages section.

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