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Can anyone please tell me why it can two or three attempts to download my E-Mails. Sometimes when I click for e-mails get a blank screen.. Other times comes up with "logging on" then get 3 circles flashing no E-Mails. Log off then have to prove im not a "ROBOT" Fed up with it. Feel like going for another provider.

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Re: E-Mail

The short answer to your question is that the VM web platform is a mediocre product which fails too often. It has been plagued with exactly these problems for a long time. VM do not seem to be able to fix it, yet. Though we are told they are working on it. 

You have a few choices

1. Change your browser. Often  different browser works better

2. Use an e-mail client to manage your mails. Guidance here - Thunderbird is given a good report and sets itself up automatically for VM , so you don't have to manually configure the servers settings.

3. Use a non-ISP related e-mail for your main traffic. That is what I decided to. GMail and are the big ones but there are many others. Dedicated e-mail providers tend to have abetter relaibility and usability record tha ISP linked products. 

I've been with VM and predecessor companies for more than 30 years now. I don't give this advice lightly!


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Re: E-Mail

rob42all wrote:

... Log off then have to prove im not a "ROBOT" Fed up with it...

Instead of logging off, perform a refresh (F5) or hard-refresh (Ctrl+F5) - it's only a quick&dirty workaround and not a fix but it usually gets users past the 3 circles. You may have to refresh more than once.

Learning one day at a time how VM works, breaks, and gets fixed.
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