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E-Mail Scam Warning

Fibre optic

I recently received a very professional e-mail delivered to my inbox from a scammer purporting to be American Express explaining that my Amex card had been suspended and inviting me to a malicious website. I have no Amex card so the scam was obvious; but I was impressed by its authentic look.

I have just been informed of another professional scam purporting to be from Ofgen inviting recipients to visit a malicious site to claim their fuel rebate. I understand that no claim is required for a fuel rebate. I have not received this scam but it is a live one.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @ahrbee, thanks for reaching out to us.

I'm sorry to hear about the scam email, we will be able to monitor this on our end regarding your email profile.
Do you have the scam email addresses by any chance so that other community members may be aware of them?
Let us know.

Kind regards.

Forum Team

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I don't have the scammers e-mail addresses. I deleted the 'Amex ' e-mail and I was notified about the the 'Ofgem' scam via a Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter. I think the latter scam had multiple sources.


Banking scam emails are common,

I have had fake scam emails from TSB, Santander, metro bank, Lloyd's bank, capital one bank, NatWest, American Express etc. over the years.

I do get genuine emails from my banks also which have the correct sender address for the bank,

Some emails will be spoofed to look genuine and hard to know they are fake without looking at the header and IP address(s) of the sender which can be looked up to see who has sent the email and from which country.

In most cases you may not even have an account with that bank.

Usually, the scams are obvious as the sender address does not match the bank address.

They are phishing emails and will have a link to a fake web site to steal your data, so avoid such links.

I was getting texts by mistake from a bank, but it was because my phone number was linked to someone's bank account, now stopped, but wise to be aware of identity theft, fraud or recycled phone numbers which can still be connected to another person's accounts.

I have been getting parcel/package delivery scams text and emails lately, they are common, the latest are texts from Evri asking for a payment for a delivery and several emails with a delivery tracking number and links to click on, one was from U.P.S so I went to the ups website and the tracking number was for an item delivered outside of the Uk, it was in the USA.

I do get some genuine parcel delivery notices from Evri to another email address (not virgin).

All of these scam emails (or texts) want you to click on a link, so just never do that and delete them out.

It can be confusing if you do use a service, bank, delivery firm etc to know if the message is genuine or a scam, but always check by logging into your own bank accounts to read messages or online shopping accounts to check parcel delivery/tracking

Some scam/spam emails will appear to be from a genuine UK company that exists, but the scammer is spoofing the sender address, I have just had one saying I am the winner of a competition and there is an unknown link in the email they want you to click on.

I switched my email address, so now the scammers send to my old email, and the new email just gets the genuine emails.

It can be a concern if scammers and spammers have got hold of your email and phone numbers, but it happens all the time these days, I assume some messages/texts may be fake, but I filter my genuine emails to folders which can help, and any unexpected email messages/texts/calls need caution.