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Deleted email address

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Hi there 

I had an ntl email address , can I get it back if it was deleted due to hacking ?? 


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Hiya , 

my ntl account got hacked in July , the most infuriating thing ever , the took over my Facebook my instagram and also sent me messages from my own email account and are now still active on my instagram which I cannot get back !!! It’s so stressful 

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@Mabbs1 wrote:

I had an ntl email address , can I get it back if it was deleted due to hacking ?? 

Sorry to hear that you are in this stressful situation,

However before anyone can help or offer advice, you just need to clarify exactly what the situation is with your email account but do not post the email address itself on the forum.

  • So did you delete the account yourself?
  • If so, did you delete it from the Virgin Media website? To clarify what I mean by that, you would have needed to access your My Virgin Media account to delete the email account  using a screen that looked like this:

delete email account latest.png

  • Or did you just delete it from the email app that you use to manage your email messages?
  • Or, are you just assuming the account has been deleted because you get an error message when you try to access it?

Sadly. if you deleted the account by using the screen shown in the image more then there is only the smallest chance that Virgin Media will be able to recover the account for you. That assumes you are a current VM broadband account customer, is that the case?

Once you have clarified how the email account was deleted, a forum member can give you the right advice on how to move forward.


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