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Delete old ntlworld email address

Could someone help with deleting my old ntlworld email account,

I left virgin media reluctantly when i moved due to the service was no longer available where i now live.

I'm still receiving emails via outlook even though my account was closed nearly two years ago and i can no longer login to delete the email address or change the password.

i have been receiving Message Delivery Failure messages lately and on opening the emails they seem to have been sent to a mass amount of email address so i suspect the email address has been compromised and would like it permanently deleted.

Any help would be great



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Re: Delete old ntlworld email address

You won't be able to admin or close down the email account yourself, but the Forum Team should be able to arrange closure for you, they can ensure that the deletion process is completed properly and quickly. Keep an eye on this thread, one of them should contact you here but you'll have to be patient - it might take several days depending on their workload. Don't be tempted to phone it in unless you like pain and angst.

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Re: Delete old ntlworld email address

Hi Roy,

I can sort this out for you. I've sent you a PM (purple envelope, top right) requesting some details. Please reply when you can and I'll get back to you.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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