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Delete my Spam ridden email account

For the love of God, can someone please help me and provide me with advice on how to delete my primary email address?

Tried ringing numerous times got nowhere.  I am getting over a 100 spam emails a day. I have set up a secondary email address.  I feel like just cancelling my entire service with Virginmedia, as my personal details are now compromised on a daily basis

Many Thanks all

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Re: Delete my Spam ridden email account

For the love of God - here's the advice you want. You can't, VIrgin Media can't and even God can't (so much for omnipotence). Your primary e-mail address is built into VM's systems in a way that prevents this. 

Just create a new secondary e-mail account and use that. Your primary e-mail account will remain so you can log into My Virginmedia. After 150 days as long as you don't access the primary account VM will completely deactivate it for mail purposes. 

Prayers answered?

Add - God also thinks that rather than throwing your toys out of the pram and leaving VM you should open an account with one of the non-ISP related e-mail providers which generally have better security and spam filtering than VM's rather basic system. God also thinks that the reason you are deluged with spam is that your e-mail address as been captured from the various sites you visit. God thinks that you might have been going to sites that aren't particularly secure which is how you have got onto the spammers lists.

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