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Customer support just told me 'all ntlworld accounts have been disabled' - can't get into my mail etc

Up to speed

So this a very aggravating one - yesterday at about 11am, my primary e-mail account (an ntlworld account) started failing - incorrect password. Happened on phone and desktop  - so presumably a server issue

Tried to log into 'My Virgin Media' - wrong password.

Since I use my own domain with a forwarder, I redirected the address to another e-mail address and got it to send a password reset:

Oops, we've ran into a problem.
Wait a minute and try again. If this doesn't work, please come back later. (Code: DEF01)

Phoned up Virgin this morning.

1. Apparently this account wasn't listed as my primary account - a (what I am sure was) an secondary account was now primary. Logged into the primary account on My Virginmedia successfully

2. Couldn't see a way to change the password on secondary accounts - going to 'Account Details > Manage other My Virgin Media accounts - lists the accounts (including the what-I-thought-was-primary ntlworld account) - but only with a 'delete' option - no edit options.

3. Customer service says that they will reset the password on the NTLworld account from their end. Comes back and says they can't do it and neither will have I "I've just been told that all NTLWorld accounts have been disabled and you would have been sent an e-mail to say they were being disabled."

  1. Obviously I received no such e-mail
  2. Other NTLWorld accounts are still working fine.
  3. CSR cannot say when such an e-mail would have been sent

Sounds like a supervisor is pulling stuff out of their bottom to me.

So I'm stuck - unable to access a primary mailbox, or what was my primary account. CSR says she will escalate to IT who will get back to me in 5 days.

I am a bit annoyed. Anyone know what is *actually* going on?





DEF01 ERROR- not sure what it is, occured when doing a password reset link.

There was already another post regarding this and about a week ago and is getting fixed?


Got email telling me to register for virgin media ... - Virgin Media Community - 5040149

Secondary account.

My wife's password reset worked and she  was sent a notice to the secondary account the password had changed.

Access to the account is still good today.

Locked out secondary account

One point worth a mention,   it is possible to lock-out the secondary account just by requesting a password reset, that happened to me so do not use password reset to change/update the password, go into the account and udate the settings profile and edit the password that way.

The lock out may occur if several attempts have been made to reset an account password?, so it will lock out even before you use the reset link, so once a pssword reset is intitiated, you will be locked out until you find the email with the reset link, that could be a problem if the reset link goes to the locked out account and not to a third party contact email. This may  also mean someone else could lock you out if they entered your email address and clicked forgot my password-then reset password.

The Virgin media password is still 10 digits at the moment.

It is not sensible that the primary account has a third party contact email, but the secondary accounts no longer display this option???

That makes recovery harder, and virgin will get more cases of secondary accounts locked out, but if you did have a third party contact email in a secondary account it may still function, as was my case. 

Also I sometimes  get connection issues (today) when logging into the virgin media  account/email, I often get oops, something went wrong and then you mailbox is not available at the moment, I have to sign in twice and many repeated clicks to finally get it working, not an easy web site to use, to much clicking needed and I liked th old web site with an email link at the top that brought up email quickly without so many clicks and having to use the home page to click on the email now.