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Closure of former-customer email accounts

What is happening?

If you have received an email recently from Virgin Media stating your old account has been compromised and will be closed down soon (30 days and again after 15 days) then this is a genuine email from us.

We do not ask you to click on any links to divulge any information; it is purely for your information only. If you do receive an email like this but it asks you to send any information then it is not from us.


We are running a clean-up on some old email accounts (orphaned accounts) that are still active and we have seen suspicious activity coming from them. We feel the best thing to do, is to fully close these down.

We will be giving you a set time to react to the email that has been sent to you, so you can archive any emails or contacts using an email client.


The process will be 30 days from the first email you receive; you will also receive a reminder email after 15 days.

If you wish to speed up this process then please create a thread requesting for your email account to be closed down sooner. A member of staff will respond and request a private conversation so DPA can be passed and the actions confirmed.

If you have not received an email from us specifically calling out account closure in 30/15 days then the above does not apply to you.