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Closing email accounts

Posting this hoping for a response from the VM Forum Team.

I left VM just over a year ago when I moved to in unsupported area.  My family has several ntlworld email accounts which I used to manage via my VM main user ID.  I expected these accounts to be wound up after 90 days but 13 months on they appear to be active still.  After  about 90 days, I was unable to log in to my master account to manage passwords etc.

How do I get all these email accounts closed and deleted.  They feel like a security concern right now!

Judging by similar posts, others have had the same problem.  With no active VM account, there appeared to be no other way to request help……

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Re: Closing email accounts

@pritca wrote:

How do I get all these email accounts closed and deleted. They feel like a security concern right now!

I have flagged this to the VM Forum Team. One of them will contact you via this thread to take your details via the forum's private message facility. They will then arrange to get those accounts deleted for you.

Just a tip. When VM advise you that the accounts have been fully deleted you can double check that by sending test emails to those email accounts. Check that you get non delivery error messages back saying that the username does not exist. That will prove for certain that the accounts no longer pose ay security threat.


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Re: Closing email accounts

Hi Pritca, welcome back to the community! Thank you for posting. 

I can certainly look into the account and email addresses you need deleting. Thanks to Coenoby for their advice whilst we picked this up. 

If you still had access to your My Virgin Media account you would be able to delete the secondary emails, however as this is not the case we will need to raise this on your behalf. 

I will send you a PM to confirm a few details and get this sorted for you. 

We can return to the public thread with an update as soon as possible. 

All the best!