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Changing password on secondary email.

I want to set the password for a secondary email address, separate from the main account for  security reasons. As I do not want our email accounts to be accessible via a single password hack. I have checked through various questions on here & spent time looking around my email account, but can find no way to change the password on secondary email accounts, other than suggestions it is done via the main account. But surely Virgin Media takes our online security more seriously than that? Forcing us  all to be tied to a single password that controls the main account & via it any secondary  email addresses tied to that single account password is stupidity of the highest order.


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Very Insightful Person
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Re: Changing password on secondary email.

The secondary addresses can manage their own passwords, although the primary account remains in charge overall.  Sign in to Myvirginmedia - use the sign in button, then choose my profile.  There are the options for password and security question.

But VM emails are a free service in the broadband package.  If you don't think they are secure enough (and many would agree), then you should choose a different provider.

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