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Cant see new e-mail folders

On our wavelength

I can not see my new e-mail folders in the virginmedia e-mail my folders, tried looking at settings as this happened a few years back aswell, however there is only basic settings now, anyone know how to fix this?



Alessandro Volta

Are you using an email app, or logging into your account on webmail with a browser?

If you can't see the folders on webmail, they aren't there. 

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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

In webmail make sure all folders are subscribed to by:

  1. select ⚙ > Settings > ▸ Email > Change IMAP subscriptions
  2. select  to expand folder views until all are visible
  3. confirm that all are folders are selected ()
  4. select Email (located top left) and then press Ctrl + Shift + R to refresh page

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