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Cant access my NTL world email

I am a Virgin Media customer (TV package) 

I had an email (on an old laptop long gone) and haven't accessed it for well over 10 years.  I never deleted the email address though and still have a note of it here.

So, my problem:   I need to change details on my Facebook Account and I cant sign into it, because they keep sending the 'new password' link to my ntlworld email address.  I cant get around this on FB so am here to ask for help.

How do I access my old ntlworld email?

With many thanks.


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Re: Cant access my NTL world email

After all this time and you not being a VM broadband customer, the email address has almost certainly been deleted by now. Have you tried logging into the webmail portal using the email address and clicking on the Forgotten Password link? It will ask for security question details etc. but if it comes back with unknown username, then I'm afraid that is is fairly conclusive that the mailbox has gone.

Similarly VM won't recreate a previous email address even if you were to now become a broadband customer - so, realistically, you'll have to do battle with Facebook to regain access.